Getting Taken

Preview of the third book in the “Getting Even” series


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“The Tower of Blue Horses” (“Der Turm der blauen Pferde”), by Franz Marc, 1913

Freelance journalist Robyn Guthrie’s life is experiencing turbulence. She moved into her first home less than 24 hours ago, and already the couple next door is wearing her new welcome mat thin. It’s not that Robyn doesn’t appreciate the salt-free tuna casserole delivered along with a warning aimed at her dog, but Robyn already has a lot on her mind. Beneath the floorboard in her home office, she has found a pound of marijuana, which surely belongs to someone who will want it back. Her eighty-four-year-old mother has taken a lover. And then there’s the Expressionist masterpiece by Franz Marc, last seen in the country estate of the Third Reich’s second in command, Herman Goering. It may have turned up. Robyn, her mother, and assorted allies and enemies are in for a bumpy ride.


“Brod’s mystery Getting Taken bubbles with charm and intelligence—the literary equivalent of a great, lost Thin Man movie, with Nora Charles sparring with a wise-cracking mother.  On full display are Brod’s trademark crackle, her smart-talk, and her bull-whip plotting.  Highly recommended.” Jay Bonansinga, New York Times bestselling author of The Walking Dead and Lucid



Getting Taken Chapter One

Another Crow

Hear Deb read an excerpt:

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