Heartstone was a labor of love. On several levels. I was going to write a series about brother and sister gemologists. Then a gemologist I was interviewing introduced me to alexandrite–a stone that changes from red to green depending on the lighting. I was smitten. I tried to figure how to to incorporate that into a plot and, deserting the gemologists, I found it fit nicely into the hilt of Excalibur and into my love of Arthurian and Celtic mythology. It went from there. There will be a sequel.

“Those who love myth and legend–and even those who think they don’t–will devour this engaging story, which expertly weaves Arthurian legend into a modern setting. Dashing between Chicago, London, and Alyssum, a small island off England’s southwest tip, the novel follows the two daughters, Maxine and Olivia, of archaeologist Ben Pike, who is missing and presumably dead. Ben has left a stunning green stone to Max, a Chicago college professor. Sister, Olivia, a broke and aging playgirl, joins Max to search for answers to their father’s disappearance and to protect the beautiful stone. Joined by a British half-brother they never knew existed, the sisters attempt to return the stone to its home (the Arthurian connection) and to fight a frightening man named Rhys, in whose hands the stone would be used for evil. Brod wisely waits to introduce supernatural plot elements until readers are so hooked on the adventure that even hardcore realists will be well and truly hooked.”

–Booklist, August 2005 (Booklist 20050801)

Available in paperback, e-book and audio on Amazon.


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