Quint McCauley Series

MurderInStoreMurder in Store, 1989

Many years ago I took a creative writing class, and the first assignment was to write a scene in which two characters were at odds with each other. That became the first scene in the first novel I completed. And my first sale. 

Preston Hauser, owner of a famous department store, asks his head of security, Quint McCauley, to investigate some threatening letters he has received. No sooner does Quint take on the job, than Preston is poisoned by one of his own vitamin pills. With Quint looking on. Suspicion falls on Hauser’s young wife, Diana, but Quint quickly learns she’s not the only one who might benefit from the millionaire’s death.

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Error in Judgment, 1990

The Chicago Greylord Operation was a massive federal “sting” investigation back in the ’80s that revealed bribery and graft in the Cook County court system. Tragically, one judge committed suicide on the eve of his indictment. That got my “what if” gears grinding. 

Now a private detective in the Chicago suburb of Foxport, Quint investigates the apparent suicide of a judge who had just been indicted on bribery charges. The judge’s widow stands to lose a sizeable insurance policy if Quint can’t prove it was murder. And she asks so nicely.

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Masquerade in Blue, 1991

Based on a true-life character–the Fox–an environmentalist who used flamboyant tactics like capping belching smokestacks and leaving dead fish at the doors of polluting companies. He once dumped 50 pounds of sewage on a Lake Michigan polluter’s white reception area carpet. The late, great Mike Royko often reported on the Fox’s exploits. Shortly after this book came out, the Fox called me. “I hear you wrote a book about me.” I sent him a copy. 

When reporter Jeff Barlowe is jailed for contempt of court for refusing to put a name to his source, he calls on his friend, private detective Quint McCauley to bail him out. Working with the source, an environmental vigilante known only as the Blue Fox who is the lead suspect in the murder of local developer, Quint tries to learn who else wanted the man dead and, at the same time, maintain the Fox’s anonymity.

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Brothers in Blood, 1993

Loosely based on the Jayne brothers, rather notorious horse breeders from the Fox Valley area. One spent time in prison for conspiring in the shooting death of his brother. 

Jubal and Brig Tanner are brothers who have been feuding for years. When Brig’s young girlfriend is killed, most figure the bullet was meant for Brig and the shooter was Jubal. Jubal hires a very reluctant Quint McCauley, who finds himself mired in the horse-breeding industry as he delves into the Tanner family’s darkest secrets.

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Paid in Full, 2000

This one was unique. Since I don’t plot far ahead when I write, I don’t usually know the ending until I unearth it. But when I started Paid in Full, all I knew was the ending. (Can’t say any more. Don’t want to spoil it.)

When Kurt Wicklow disappears was it a case of an investment advisor absconding with his client’s money or was foul play involved? And when the wife of Foxport’s former chief of police and a “good friend” of Wicklow’s turns up dead, things begin to add up. And Quint finds himself trying to prove the innocence of a man who has just moved in with Elaine, Quint’s former lover.

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